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Printer Configuration / Set up

Connect and configure the printer

It is no exaggeration to say that among the whole variety of office equipment, the printer is the most popular device at the moment, both at home and in the office. Every day the employees of a company have to print vast stacks of documents, and it's sure that if this happens, you'll need to have your printer properly configured.

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Features of connecting an MFP and setting up an MFP device

A lot depends on where and how the office equipment you bought is installed. If you purchased the equipment for a single user, there are no problems once, as a rule.

It is enough to connect the device to the USB port of your computer or laptop, then install the necessary drivers from the CD or download them from the Internet on the device’s official website. As a rule, a knowledgeable person can handle this task quite well.

Setting up the printer and MFP in the office.

The situation is much more complicated if the MFP printer is connected to the office and the equipment must operate on a local network. All office users need to configure uninterrupted printing of the device, which requires many additional settings. In addition, office equipment is often connected to Wi-Fi or a router, which also has its complexity to set up.

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