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Removing viruses on a computer

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A computer virus is a program that is designed to harm your computer or laptop; it multiplies by copying to various sources and makes malicious changes in the code of computer programs, the system area, boot sectors of the Windows operating system, and also spreads to all available sources (Internet, local area network, and different USB storage media).

The goals of computer viruses are:

  • Disrupt the functionality of computer or laptop software;
  • Deleting files or encrypting files on your hard drive (HDD);
  • Crashes the Windows operating system;
  • Partial or complete blocking of a computer or laptop;
  • Disable the software part of a computer or laptop.

Symptoms of a virus infection!

  • Frequent computer freezes;
  • A spontaneous reboot of a laptop or PC;
  • Slow work in programs and Internet applications;
  • Delete files from a computer;
  • Distribution of advertising letters from the mailbox, and much more.
  • Pop-up ads, pop-ups, and banners on the desktop with a request to pay or in the Internet browser.
Computer Repair

Our service center offers a comprehensive solution for antivirus protection:

  • Search for viruses, treat viruses, and remove viruses;
  • Unlocking the computer from SMS banners and ransomware;
  • Troubleshooting after cleaning from viruses;
  • Installation and configuration of antivirus.

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