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This is an update that will take care of some black hat activities that were taking place on the internet by injecting your computer with a program that would filter all the junk and then when users attempted to access websites they would be blocked. This program is called TAILLETS and it is designed to hide all traces of your activity. If you have any high quality security software installed that has anti virus protection you will be able to get rid of it completely. Unfortunately all the databases that police in Miami use for their investigations on criminals and hackers are owned and operated by the corporate police department so you will never find the answers to your questions.

I have posted this information as a warning to anyone that is thinking of using a web design company in Miami to help them with their website designs. Please don’t do it if you do not know what you are doing or you do not have the experience to do it properly. Many are making their career in Miami right now and they have more knowledge than most college graduates. This is for people who are contemplating applying for job and starting up an business here. Let the FBI know how you feel about the failure of the police departments of Florida and stop hiring them! These companies are lying to you!

The entire website of the police department in Miami is part of this scam. Just one place of the website on this website is called ‘Crime Spree Menu’. Here is the obvious reason why they don’t want any visitors there:

Crime Spree menu

Most of the employees of these companies are criminals!

The information on the website is littered with obvious mistakes. For example, in one picture, the article they are referencing is called ‘More Things on the Internet: Melrose Avenue’. Other websites, such as, have the page formatted in a different way.

More Things on the Internet: Melrose Avenue

The police in Miami know this information isn’t true, yet they put it on their website.

It is because Miami has been overrun with criminals, including people with criminal backgrounds, that the police department is using criminals to do their job.

No police officers will ever talk to you about a ‘top secret project’

SARAH CLAIBORNE recently wrote an article about the state of our police officers in a free article titled “They don’t give a s*** about you. Read on.” Click here to read it.

This article gives an excellent